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Bulk messaging can help business and users who are looking to send important message to their contacts by reducing the time. Send single or multiple customizable messages to your customers.


1. Send Messages with just few clicks.

Send Messages to all your subscribers within seconds. Connect to your subscribers daily over a platform that they love with ease.

2. Import all your contact directly.

Upload a text file to import all your contacts directly to WhatsPromo. No need to save numbers from now on.

3. Send what you want-without approvals.

By using WhatsPromo – you are in control. Unlike the checks before using any other API, using WhatsPromo – you can send what you want without any approvals/ permissions.

4. Send Links to your website.

You can send links to all your subscribers to increase traffic to your website, shop, or your blog.

5. Send Photos hassle free.

Using WhatsPromo sending photos is a piece of cake. You can send photos with or without captions for free.

6. Unsubscribe with a message!

Give the freedom to your subscribers to unsubscribe just by sending a text instead of reporting and blocking you.

7. Check Delivery Reports.

Check delivery reports of each message that you’ve sent.

8. B2B Leads Extractor.

You can extract business leads and send messages for promotion.

9. Super Group Sender.

You can create super group of many groups and send messages.

10. Send Personalized Messages.

Send personalized messages to your subscribers using templates. Delight them and bring more conversions!

11. Active Support.

Emails are answered within 24 hours, even on Sundays. Get a great experience by being in close contact through our live chat support.


WhatsPromo is created by us, and it is not an official Messaging application and not associated with any Messaging company.

Premium does not avoid number banning/suspension.

Spamming people without consent can lead to a ban.

Subscription amount non transferable & non refundable.

Anyone guaranteeing you that number won’t be blocked is lying.